Chinese car brands

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China's automobile industry is not well-known in the world because of its relatively weak foundation.Despite being cited, these brands are still very popular in China, and they occupy more than half of the market.


Chinese car brands

Hongqi is one of the earliest automobile brands in China. The company name FAW Chinese means the first automobile factory.The Hongqi brand is the presidential car in China.Hongqi has been in a downturn in the Chinese market for a very long time.It was not until 2019 with the launch of new products such as HS5 HS7 H9 that it re-established the status of the Chinese brand's NO.1.


Chinese car brands

Nio is called Weilai in China,Means a green future.NIO's sales in China are not high, with a maximum of 5,000 units per month, far less than Geely and Great Wall.But the market value of NIO has now reached the top of the list of Chinese car companies.There is even a tendency to compete with Tesla.

3.Great Wall

Chinese car brands

Great Wall Motor has created a sales myth in the Chinese market with a product HAVAL H6.Cumulative sales of this product have exceeded 3 million units, occupying the top spot in monthly sales for 66 months, and this myth continues.


Chinese car brands

Geely was on the verge of bankruptcy at one time, but later completed the salvation.With the Emgrand series products, it is the only Chinese brand model that can squeeze into the top ten in the car series sales rankings.Not only that, they also acquired the Volvo brand.


Chinese car brands

Wuling Automobile is known as a god car in China.Many people started their fortunes with this car.The sales volume of this brand's car is very high, and the price is also very low. What's more valuable is the handling performance of this car is also very good.You can often hear stories of him overtaking luxury cars on corners.


Chinese car brands

byd is short for build your dream.Many Chinese people don’t like his logo.Over the years, they have invested a lot of energy in the development of new energy vehicles.Buffett invested in this company.


Chinese car brands

Chery Automobile is regarded as one of the better quality among Chinese brands.But apart from the delisted QQ, they now lack more explosive products.


Chinese car brands

Changan's sales in the Chinese market are relatively good now.It is the first Chinese brand to enter the "ten million club" in 2014.


Chinese car brands

Roewe used to be a British car brand, but was wholly acquired by SAIC.Now this brand has been deeply rooted in China.


Chinese car brands

Ideal means ideal.lixiang is also the name of the founder of this brand.Lixiang founded the first auto media autohome in China.This is also a rising Chinese electric car brand.

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